SOC 331 Week 4 Discussion | Wilmington University

SOC 331 Week 4  Discussion | Wilmington University

Week 4 Discussion

Using your research question, how would you select a sample? Explain the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed sampling method. How would you change your research question so that you could select the best sample possible?

Be sure to read the grading rubric before you post. To do this, click on the ellipsis (the three dots) in the upper right corner of this page, then click on the rubric.

Although APA style is not required for the discussion board, excellent writing skills are required.

Initial posts are due Wednesdays by 11:59 pm and response posts are due Sundays by 11:59 pm. Please refer to the discussion board rubric posted with each discussion board for grading criteria.

Discussion boards cannot be made up once they have closed.

Posting to the weekly Discussion Board is a requirement of the course.


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