ENG 121 Week 15 Assignment 1 | Wilmington University

ENG 121 Week 15 Assignment 1 | Wilmington University

Week 15 Visual Argument

e essays that you wrote this semester and converting it into a visual argument. This can be presented as a video, a Powerpoint presentation, a Prezi, a blog post, a photo album, a piece of artwork, or in any other manner that includes both text and visuals. Your goal is to present your original argument in a new way that allows for visuals to do some of the “speaking” your writing did in your essays. Once you have created your visual argument, you will either attach it to this assignment (if it is a video) or you will create a Kaltura Screen Capture video that will allow you to record whatever is on your computer screen while discussing it. This will work for options like PowerPoints, Prezis, or photo albums that will need some explanation to go along with the text and images.

(*please only use technology that you are comfortable with; you want to spend your time on developing you argument, not dealing with software questions or problems)

What to consider:

·         This is not copying and pasting the text of an essay onto slides with images. This is figuring out what visuals can help the audience to understand points you made in your original argument.

·         Consider the medium you are using. For example, if you are making a video, you can also record audio, which means there is even less need for text. If you are using a blog post, you can include links to more information or embed videos to help illustrate certain points.

·         Consider the design elements discussed throughout the course to help make your visual arguments clear and easy to follow.

·         Review the different examples you saw this semester and the information on how to convert an argument from a written argument to a visual one.



·         2-5 minutes long

·         APA formatted (only for sources if sources are used)

Examples of Visual Arguments:

Create a PowerPoint presentation for your descriptive essay that includes photos and videos for each of the descriptive elements you cover in your essay.

Craft a discussion post/web article version of your compare/contrast essay that includes links to the articles you have cited, statistics presented as graphs, and interviews with people that support both sides of the argument.

Allow your causal analysis essay to literally “move” from cause to effect by creating a Prezi presentation that provides photographic and video evidence of your causes or effects.


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