MAT 205 Week 12 Discussion | Wilmington University

MAT 205 Week 12 Discussion | Wilmington University

Week 12 Discussion Board

Create either a compound interest application problem or a continuous compound interest application problem.  Set up the word problem, clearly defining the known values (and the one unknown value you are solving for) using complete sentences.  NOTE: if you do NOT choose continuous compound interest, you need to clearly state how many times the rate is being compounded per year, such as annually, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Do not solve your problem, leave that for your classmates to do!  Do check back and see if your classmates worked through your question correctly.   

REMINDER: the discussion requirements, per the rubric, also require you to:

·         post your main post by Thursday @ 11:59pm ET

·         provide 2 substantive replies to your peers (within the threads of their post)

·         spread your activity (post and 2 peer replies) out over 3 different days


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