HCA 430 Week 6 Assignment | Southwestern College

HCA 430 Week 6 Assignment | Southwestern College

Unit 6 Mastery Presentation: Research Project

Mastery Presentation assignment attached as a document

HCA 430 Unit 6 Final Research Project Instructions - Mastery.docx


·         Prepare a video presentation using Zoom Pro and presentation software of your choice (PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi, etc.) with comprehensive speaker notes embedded in the notes section provided in the presentation software if PowerPoint is used or in Word with one page dedicated to each slide for all other presentation software.

·         The recording is to be stored to the Zoom cloud with the link submitted to the grade center along with the speaker notes as a Word document is used for speaker notes.

·         If hardware or location limitations prevent the creation of a video presentation, please contact your instructor to discuss an alternative.

·         The presentation should include a title slide, content slides with citations of concepts and ideas that support the content presentation, and one or more references slides.

·         Citations and references must be in APA format.

·         There is not a specific slide count requirement.

·         The presentation content should be the focus.

·         Please review Presentation Grading Rubric for specific expectations regarding this assignment.


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