ENGL 102 Week 6 Assignment | Southwestern College

ENGL 102 Week 6 Assignment | Southwestern College

Unit 6 Assignment Instructions



Unit 6Mastery Written Assignment: Culmination Final Essay with OTC Consultation


For this assignment, you are required to consult with the Online Tutoring Center to help you polish your paper before submitting your final draft to your instructor.


Be sure to include an in-depth overview of what you gleaned from your peer reviews, instructor feedback, and Online Tutoring Center feedback, and how each helped you to submit a better final written essay.  Did you learn more from one entity over another?


·         Review Chapter #3 in your textbook,

·         Textbook pp. 452-458 (Editing - Denotation, Connotation, Jargon, Slang, clichés, biased language, and wordiness),

·         Your instructor's feedback on your draft from Unit #5, and

·         Your peers' comments from this unit's peer review discussion, revise and edit your paper.

·         Remember to read your essay out loud at least twice, making your own edits and revisions.

o   There should be a significant improvement from the draft you submitted in Unit #5.



·         Prepare a quality, substantive paper that addresses the objectives of the assignment and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric.

·         A minimum of 1,250 words excluding the title page and references is required.

·         Use APA style: Refer to APA Resources and the Online Tutoring Center resources in Academic Resources (see SC College Resources Links) for guidance on writing style and page and citation formatting.

·         A minimum of 6 sources of credible evidence, found through the Deets Library, in addition to course resources that have been published within the past 5 years is required.


Please note:

It is required that you consult with the Online Tutoring Center (OTC) to help you polish your paper before submitting your final draft to your instructor. 

·         You must email a draft of your paper to the OTC consultant at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. 

·         While the OTC consultation itself is not graded, the consultation can help you perfect your writing, resulting in a better paper.

·         Click here to access the webpageto schedule an appointment with the SC OTC.

o        OTC consultations are free.

·         Remember that if you do not make an appointment with the Online Tutoring Center, you stand to lose a portion of your grade on this assignment.

·         If you make an appointment but do not keep it, you stand to lose a portion.

o        Note:  As with any other appointment that you make and then do not attend-it is considered unprofessional.




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