HRESGB273 Week 3 Quiz 1 | Mohawk College

HRESGB273 Week 3 Quiz 1 | Mohawk College

DO: Quiz 1 - Chapter 1 (HR's Strategic Role) and Chapter 2 (Legal Environment)


Question 1

Jim is a new employee. He makes unwelcome sexual remarks and jokes. His behaviour is offensive  and intimidating to female employees. Jim's behaviour is an example of:    

·         unexplained behaviour  

·         sexual annoyance  

·         permissible behaviour  

·         permissible behaviour as long as it does not violate a policy  

·         sexual coercion


Question 2

The characteristics of the workforce (such as age, gender, and education level) are known as:    

·         diversity. 

·         population trends  

·         organizational climate   

·         Demographics


Question 3

The knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of a firm's workers is known as:    

·         physical capital  

·         human capital    

·         production capital  

·         management's philosophy  

·         cultural diversity


Question 4

Revlex Inc. decided to allow its front-line workers to make decisions regarding the ordering of  certain supplies that were formerly made by managers. This initiative is an example of:    

·         workplace incentives  

·         a change in organizational climate  

·         employee empowerment    

·         management development 

·         job restructuring

Question 5

Deliberately refusing to hire, train, or promote an individual on the basis of age is an example of:    

·         reverse discrimination  

·         unintentional discrimination  

·         systemic discrimination  

·         intentional discrimination


Question 6

The most difficult type of discrimination to detect and combat is:    

·         intentional indirect discrimination  

·         reverse discrimination.  

·         differential treatment  

·         systemic discrimination  

·         intentional direct discrimination


Question 7

Diversity management is:    

·         another term for employment equity  

·         broader and more inclusive in scope than employment equity

·         a voluntarily-initiated employment equity initiative  

·         targeted at the four designated groups  

·         encompassed in legal compliance with human rights and employment equity legislation


Question 8

Joe Brown was hired by a manufacturing firm as a supervisor. During his first few weeks as   supervisor, he realized that employees who report to him expect a lot of direction and all of the decision making to be done by him. Joe decided to train his employees to take on additional responsibilities and make decisions within a specific scope. Joe is:    

·         embracing his staff.  

·         reducing his staff  

·         empowering his staff    

·         outsourcing his staff


Question 9

Asking female factory-position applicants to demonstrate their lifting skills and not asking male candidates to do so is an example of:    

·         intentional indirect discrimination  

·         differential treatment  

·         reverse discrimination  

·         intentional direct discrimination    

·         a permissible employer practice


Question 10

ABC company has installed video surveillance equipment throughout its premises, including the employee washrooms, in order to prevent theft of company equipment and supplies. What would the likely result be if employees object?    

·         Courts would support the right of ABC company to install video surveillance equipment anywhere on its property.    

·         Courts would deny the right of ABC company to install video surveillance equipment since it is an invasion of privacy for employees  

·         If the company could demonstrate evidence of widespread employee theft, the surveillance system would be allowed  

·         Courts would assess if the video surveillance was reasonable and whether reasonable alternatives existed.  

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