HRESGB273 Week 5 Quiz | Mohawk College

HRESGB273 Week 5 Quiz | Mohawk College

Question 1

Perhaps the biggest drawback associated with employee referrals is the:  

·         potential for systemic discrimination  

·         dissatisfaction of employees whose referral is not hired  

·         unrealistic expectations newly-hired employees have about the firm  

·         potential for morale problems


Question 2

With the overabundance of applicants now found on most online job boards, employers now use:  

·         their own corporate websites to recruit  



·         print advertising


 Question 3

Which of the following statements about headhunters is true?  

·         They are paid a fee by the job seeker.  

·         They often specialize in a particular type of talent  

·         Their code of ethics prohibits them from contacting individuals who are currently employed. 

·         The percentage of all vacant positions in an organization filled by such firms is generally quite large  

·         They are used for all types of jobs in all salary ranges


Question 4

One advantage of external recruitment is:  

·         problems in meeting employment equity goals  

·         is it may provide a larger pool of qualified candidates  

·         rivalry and competition among employees 

·         higher costs due to extensive training


Question 5

Work samples focus on measuring:  

·         hypothetical situations 

·         expert appraisers' evaluations

·         physical abilities only 

·         job performance directly


  Question 6

Reliability refers to:  

·         determining the accuracy with which a predictor measures what it is supposed to measure.  

·         the degree to which interviews, tests, and other selection procedures yield comparable data over a period of time.  

·         a decision-making technique used to select the candidate to whom the job should be offered.  

·         an objective technique used to determine to whom a job should be offered  

·         a strategy used to provide applicants with realistic information


 Question 7

The interviewing method in which the applicant is interviewed by a number of people at once is known as:  

·         panel  

·         sequential  

·         behavioural  

·         mass


 Question 8

Which factor does not belong in relations to common selection testing?  

·         personal attractiveness and suitability  

·         personality and interests  

·         intelligence  

·         motor and physical abilities    

·         aptitude


 Question 9

An example of a situational question is:  

·         Tell me about a time when you managed numerous priorities in a short period of time. 

·         Tell me about a time when you had to discipline an employee arriving late for work three days in a row  

·         How would you handle an irate boss who was just told that the output in the department was below standard  

·         What type of computer skills are you proficient in?



Question 10

Asking an applicant how he or she would handle an irate customer would be typical of which  interview technique? 

·         situational  

·         stress  

·         structured  

·         non-directive    

·         behavioural

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