CRED10106 Week 3 Discussion | Mohawk College

CRED10106 Week 3 Discussion | Mohawk College

DISCUSSION 1: Study Skills and Test Anxiety


Have your top 5 strengths from your StrengthsQuest Assessment with you while you do this activity.

Initial Posting:  DUE Sept 24

1)      In your Subject line of your first post, type your top 5 Strengths from your StrengthsQuest Assessment.

2)     Go to your StrengthsQuest at (Links to an external site.) (you will need to use your user name and password to log into StrengthsQuest site).

        a.  Click “Resources” at the top of the page

        b.  Scroll down to the bottom and find "Clifton Strengths for Students The Book" and click "Strengthsquest download"

        c.  Find Chapter 7:  Developing Academic Strengths in College and select "html" to read online or pdf to download the  chapter as a pdf document.

  d.  Read the page as you scroll down to the section “Applying Your Talents in Academics” and find the section that includes your favourite Strength (example:  if your favourite strength is Communication, click on “Applying Communication Talents in Academics”)

        e.  Find the Study Techniques section. 

        f.  Read the suggested study techniques that play to your favourite strength.

        g.  Tell your group what 2 study techniques or ideas you think would be most helpful to you and why?

3)     Post two URLs (web link) to sites that you think provide helpful information on study tips, dealing with procrastination, controlling test anxiety or procrastination. Do not use one that someone else already used.  Tell your discussion group what you learned from these sites that you think would be helpful to students.

Response Posting:  DUE Sept 27

Open one other student’s posting in your dedicated group.  Visit one of the URLs they recommended.  Respond to that student’s post by telling them what you found most useful to you at that site and why.


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