CRED10106 Week 7 Discussion | Mohawk College

CRED10106 Week 7 Discussion | Mohawk College

DISCUSSION 2: Complementary Partnerships

What are complementary Partnerships?  Complementary partnerships are formed when two or more people come together to achieve something greater than what they could have achieved apart. Some of the best partnerships are formed when we consciously think about our talents and the talents that may complement our own. Throughout your studies at Mohawk, you will work with students who have different strengths so it is important to know how to appreciate different talents to complete a great group project.  Discover what partners might be best compatible with you for developing academic excellence


1)      Read the following articles linked below:

         a)  Why Partners Need Complementary Strengths

         b) The Genius and Beauty of Strengths (this article will help you understand the benefits of each Strength) 

2)      Think about the talents you might want or need in a collaboration partner to help you achieve  greatness  in academics.

3)      In your dedicated discussion board "Complementary Partners":

 Initial Posting - DUE BY Oct 22

 Type your top 5 strengths in the subject line

1.    In the body of your initial discussion post, identify two strengths that you believe complement yours.  You may find the two articles above some inspiration to help you identify complementary strengths to yours.

2.    Tell your group what two complementary strengths contribute to helping you achieve academic excellence.

3.    Now look at your top two strengths.  Why should people should seek you out as a partner?  What could you contribute to the partnership?  How would the partnership make you stronger?

Response Posting – DUE BY Oct 25  Comment on another student's posting in your dedicated discussion group

Click here to see how your discussion board postings will be assessed.


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