CRED10106 Week 8 Discussion | Mohawk College

CRED10106 Week 8 Discussion | Mohawk College

DISCUSSION 3: Personality Assessment


a) Take the Personality Assessment here  (also attached).  This is a REQUIRED first step before you move on.

b) In your dedicated discussion group, identify your strongest personality type in the subject line of your posting – (example:  your top one will be either organizer, adventurer, giver or thinker)

FIRST POST (DUE BY Oct 29) -  Post a response to each question below

–  What are the positives of your preferred personality style?

–   What challenges does this personality style bring with it?

–   Does your preferred personality style align with any of your top 5 Strengths from your StrengthsQuest Assessment.  If so, which ones? 

–  What similarities do you find between your preferred personality style and your strengths?

–   What types of personalities do you think would be the ideal study partner for you?  Why?

–   What type of bosses and co-workers would you be least suited to work with?  Why?

RESPONSE POST (DUE BY NOV 2)  - Respond to one other student’s post. Comment on the student’s thoughts on their ideal study partner and best matches for bosses and co-workers.


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