ENGL 4A Assignment 1 | chatbot las positas community college

ENGL 4A Assignment 1 | chatbot las positas  community college

Personal essay

Considering what you composed as a discussion posting,  please expand into a more formal and comprehensive personal essay about you understand the value of literature in society ---and why you believe we study--or that close reading and responsive writing about/ from literary work is offered (and expected )  as part of an academic experience.

What is the value of literature---why do we study literature? Spring 2020

What makes a piece of writing effective?

What do you like to read and who are some writers you admire.

Share some of your experiences  such as being read to as a child, listening to oral stories and family traditions, going to the library, seeing your parents/other adults interested in reading


No research is required for this essay, but if you decide you want to look at sources, please note/integrate informally in your paper or include an MLA citation reference.


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