ENGL 4A Assignment 5 | chatbot las positas community college

ENGL 4A Assignment 5 | chatbot las positas  community college

Literary or Cultural Event Review   summer 2020.                   T.KAPLAN               


REVIEW   Over the course of this summer you can attend a broadcast talk or reading/real time event --  at least one of the suggested literary or cultural events.  

In addition you can write about an event you miss attending—some gathering you enjoyed … I really miss LIVE theatre, personally… 

-A book talk or author's reading, interview, etc.

-A theatre (drama/comedy) performance 

 A poetry reading or spoken word event

-A cultural gathering, political rally, religious or traditional ceremony, celebration or festival

-literary/spoken work/ publication website or performance space/video 

  • Please summarize the event/share with the class on the discussion forum. 

Here are some guidelines to follow for your reviews. (Some of these questions are obviously only relevant to public performances, so considering the fact that so much takes place virtually, please adapt my questions appropriately ) 

Integrate the following into a cohesive essay (2-3 pages)

What did you attend/ see; where was it held?

Why did you choose this particular show or event? Were you invited?

Did a review or listing catch your interest; was it recommended by someone? 

Who was/were the producer, performers, etc,.  Was the show an original work, or a production based on a script by others.  Who organized the performance/event, etc.? ( please include URL website) 

Summarize what you saw/experienced.   Mention some specific highlights;

what did you enjoy—and what was less interesting to you. 

Did you notice other reactions by audience members? What was the overall response?  Would you assess that this event was for a specific targeted audience, or for a general cross-section of the population of interested parties?

Did this event reflect social and ethnic diversity among audience and performers 

Make some comments about the physical location and its appropriateness,

Was the event or show easy to get to? (If you’re describing a Zoom or web gathering, this might not be relevant) 

Was it worth your time and money?  Would you recommend it to others?

Would you attend something like this again; why or why not? 

Provide any insights or comments about the show, performance or event to make the connection with its relevance to literary or cultural expression of ideas and values.  

In your paper,  please make some references to the content, the information, ideas or images suggested and/or discussed; what were the themes embodied, discussed or portrayed by the performance? What did you learn?  Any further reflective thoughts about story or ceremony and the symbolic nature of the gathering? (It might help to read a review in a newspaper/on-line mag website to see how it’s done, in terms of format and content) 

please feel free to adapt this criteria to literary events and performances on-line-- 

search facebook for poetry gatherings…. 

Tonight : https://mail.yahoo.com/d/search/keyword=diasporas/messages/179772




Lorraine Hansberry Theatre









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