ENGL 4A Discussion 1 | chatbot las positas community college

ENGL 4A Discussion 1 | chatbot las positas  community college

informalnotes for poetry journals 

·         themes             what is this poem “about”?

§  personal or social/political topics 

·         how does the poem make you feel? 

·         what do you learn by reading the poem? 

·         comments about :       style voice and tone, choice of words

·         speaker or persona

·         rhythm of the lines,

·         images, pictures with words and sensory details 

·         setting and scene

·         time frame

·         emotional texture

·         narrative

·         film or cinematic qualities

·         transformation of ideas/images  and discovery

·         collage of language and ideas 

·         form or pattern; formal verse or free verse 

-freewritenoting the details of the language and movement or "trajectory" how the poem is moved forward by arrangement of images, details about place, scene; use of natural elements; use of dialogue, narrative intention, descriptive moments; note images and interactions of significance; summarize some of your thoughts and responses; determine within the structure of the poem what the author is trying to "convey" or get across. 

These are personal journal entries

Check out the Poetry Foundation website info to fall in love..... Post at least one poetry response journal per week --but read at least five different poems. 


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