PSY 690 Week 5 Quiz | San Francisco State University

PSY 690 Week 5 Quiz | San Francisco State University

Question 1

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Our Psychology Department offers Masters degrees in 6 different areas of psychology. Match the description with the correct graduate degree.

Industrial / Organizational Psychology (Masters of Science)        Answer 1

Clinical Psychology (Masters of Science)    Answer 2

School Psychology (Masters of Science)      Answer 3

Mind, Brain, and Behavior (Masters of Art)          Answer 4

Social, Personality, and Affective Science (Masters of Art)          Answer 5

Developmental Psychology (Masters of Art)          Answer 6

Question 2

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SFSU Psychology Department has 6 topics for a Masters Degrees (graduate school). Which of these topics do you find most interesting as of right now (even if you do not plan to attend)?

I am interested in Clinical Psychology.

Question 3

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Find a school that offers a graduate degree in the field that interests you most (this does not have to be an SFSU program). Review the application requirements for the program you found. List the following below:

•           What is the school / graduate program you are most interested in?

•           What SFSU courses and extra curricular activities could you engage in to make yourself a strong candidate?


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