IT 145 Week 3 Discussion | southern-new-hampshire-university

IT 145 Week 3 Discussion | southern-new-hampshire-university

3-1 Discussion: Object-oriented Programming Principles


This week, you have learned about various object-oriented programming principles and their importance in programming. In this discussion, you will spend time discussing these principles with your peers. You will also reflect on what you have learned in the first few modules of the course. In your initial post for this discussion, address the following:

·         How do the four main OOP principles (inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism) work together to make a well-designed application? How do they allow a programmer to create more reusable and maintainable code?

·         What was the most interesting thing that you learned in the course so far?

·         What concept(s) do you feel are unclear or that you need more practice applying?

In responding to your classmates, address the following:

·         What did you learn from your classmate's post? Do you have any additional information on any of the principles for your classmate to consider?

·         What did you find interesting or relatable in your peers' posts?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.


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