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    HRM 5065 Week 4 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella University

    HRM 5065 Week 4 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella University 

    Week 4 Discussion 2

    The discussion is regarding the errors which are made by the employers at the time of termination of employees. There are certain cases wherein, the termination of employees takes place and the organization tends to get into some kind of lawsuit in this particular area. The first error which is identified in this particular situation is the error wherein, the organization tends to call termination as reduction in the workforce. This particular statement turns out to be inappropriate and the organization is likely to be negatively effected by it as the lawyer of the plaintiff might ask about the reason due to which the organization is moving forward for the purpose of reducing the workforce. The second error which has to be taken into account is the error regarding lack of warnings and progressive discipline to the workers. In this particular area, the employers are required to work in a particular manner wherein, they provide consistent warnings to the employees in case the employees are not working in a positive manner. If warnings are not provided then the employees might make a case that, they have been removed from the job without giving an opportunity of being heard. Both these errors are to be identified and it should be ensured that, those errors are worked upon well for the purpose of avoiding losses in the lawsuits in the future.


    HR Employment Law. (2003). Employment Law. Vol. 43(5). 


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  1. HRM 5065 Week 4 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella UniversityWeek 4 Discussion 2 Ans
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