ACC 201 Week 1 Discussion | southern-new-hampshire-university

ACC 201 Week 1 Discussion | southern-new-hampshire-university

In this discussion, you will introduce yourself, get to know your peers and instructor, and begin to consider how this course relates to your current and future career. In your initial post, include the following:

·         A short introduction that includes your name and a few facts about yourself such as where you live, your favorite hobby, or your favorite movie

·         Your current or aspiring professional identity, including the field in which you work or hope to work

·         One thing that you are hoping to learn from this course based on the course syllabus

·         One thing that you're a little nervous about in regard to this course

·         How you think that learning more about accounting will help you in your future career

In your response posts to at least two peers, create connections by building on the conversation. Consider these examples of what you may add to the discussion:

·         Similarities between you and your classmates' introductions or professional career goals

·         Questions or comments about what your classmates are hoping to learn from this course or what they are nervous about

·         More ways you think accounting may help your future career or theirs


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