WGD 201 Week 4 Assignment | Devry University

WGD 201 Week 4 Assignment | Devry University

1.    Open Photoshop and create a new document with the following specifications.

1.    1600px wide, 2400px tall, 300ppi, RGB colorspace

2.    Name your file Lastname_Wk4_CourseProject.psd

2.    Start by duplicating the background layer so that you have more flexibility to edit the background.

3.    Based on your creative brief from Week 3, use the rule of thirds to place one of your images on the cover, and design the background for the image using your knowledge of color theory. You can use a soft eraser to blend the image with the background.

4.    Export your design to a .JPG file.

5.    Compress the .psd and .jpg files into a single .zip file. For assistance zipping and unzipping files, review the How to Compress Files and Save as .Zip (Links to an external site.) document.

6.    Submit the .zip.


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