WGD 201 Week 5 Assignment 2 | Devry University

WGD 201 Week 5 Assignment 2 | Devry University

This Skill Builder will guide you through creating a design made only with type. Skills included are as follows.

Placing text on a canvas

Changing text appearance

Text along a path

Tet layer style 


The American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) is the professional graphic art association. Go to their website (https://www.aiga.org/ (Links to an external site.)) for inspiration for this week's Skill Builder. Specifically, go to their design archives to find typographic designs, and examine how they use type to create meaning.

1. Follow the Module 5 Skillbuilder video to create a design using only type. 

2. Name your .psd file as YourLastName)W5_skillbuilder.psd.

3. Compress the .psd and .jpg files into a single .zip file. For assistance zipping and unzipping files, review the “ How to Compress Files and Save as .Zip (Links to an external site.) ” document.

4. Submit the .zip.

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