MGMT 330 Week 1 Assignment | Devry University

MGMT 330  Week 1 Assignment | Devry University

Week 1: Case Study—Missing Team.

Ethics Detective

Solving the Case of the Missing Team

Your entire team has been looking forward to this meeting for weeks. When the company president assembled the team to find creative solutions to the company's cash flow problems, few people thought it would succeed. However, through plenty of hard work, you and your colleagues have found new sources of investment capital. Now it's time to present your accomplishments to the board of directors. Because appearing in front of the board can be a major career boost, the team planned to present the results together, giving each person a few minutes in the limelight.

However, Jackson Mueller, the chief financial officer and leader of your team, had a surprise for you this morning. He'd received word at the last minute that the board wanted a short, concise presentation, and he said the best way to comply was with a single presenter. No one was happy about the change, but Mueller is the highest ranking employee on the team and the only one with experience presenting to the board.

Disappointment turned to dismay as you and your teammates watched from the back of the conference room. Mueller deftly compressed your 60-minute presentation down to 20 minutes, and the board showered him with praise. However, he never introduced any of the other team members, so your potential moment in the sun passed without recognition.

Bovée, C. L., & Thill, J. V. (2018). Ethics Detective Solving the Case of the Missing Team, Ch. 2 (p. 39). Business Communication Today (14th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Analysis Questions

1.    Did Mueller behave unethically by not introducing you and your colleagues to the board? Explain your answer.

2.    Later on, you complain to a colleague that by stressing "my team" so often, Mueller actually made the presentation all about him, not the team. But one of your colleagues argues that the team's assignment was to solve the problem, not to score career points with the board, so that goal shouldn't have been such a top priority. Explain why you agree or disagree.

3.    Do you feel this was an effective team? Explain.

4.    How will the information learned be helpful to you in your personal and professional life?


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