WGD 201 Week 7 Discussion | Devry University

WGD 201 Week 7 Discussion | Devry University

Discussion Activities


Please select one of the topics below and post your response. The topics below pertain to the material in the lessons in this module.

You must make your initial post before you see what others have posted. To earn full credit, you must post on 3 separate days, and your first post should be on or before Wednesday.

·         In addition to a text description, you may add a screen capture, a matrix, or other creative image that supports your ideas.

Topic 1

(Refers to Lessons 1–3)

Watch the video Vector Art vs. Raster Art (Links to an external site.). What are the main differences between vector art and raster art? When is it best to use raster art? When is it best to use vector?

Topic 2

Based on feedback from your professor and from the Week 5 discussion, you should have fine-tuned your book cover. Show us your updated cover and explain the changes you made to your design. Other students should provide feedback on the fine-tuned cover. Remember that the best critique approach is the sandwich—what is good about the design, suggestions for improvement, and then something else good. Be specific in your critique. Don’t just say “good job!”


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