WGD 201 Week 7 Assignment 1 | Devry University

WGD 201 Week 7 Assignment 1 | Devry University

Module 7Course Project

Edited Book Cover

The Course Project is due at 11:59 PM MT Sunday end of Week 7.


In this part of the project, you will submit a revised version of your book cover and resubmit it. 


Based on feedback you received in last week’s discussion and from your professor, edit your book cover and submit. In the comments area, indicate what changes you made, and why. Be specific. For example, don’t say “I changed the title font.” Instead, say, “I changed the title from Times New Roman 40 pt bold to Bradley Hand ITC 60 pt to better fit the diary-like nature of the book.”

Module 7 Project Files

WGD201 Course Project Guide Module 7.pdf

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