WGD 201 Week 7 Assignment 2 | Devry University

WGD 201  Week 7 Assignment 2 | Devry University

WGD201Module 7 - SkillBuilder: The Photoshop Pen Tool


In this SkillBuilder exercise, you will practice using Photoshop’s pen tool.


The video below will guide you through using three of Photoshop’s most useful vector-based pen tools: the pen tool, the curvature pen tool, and the free-form pen tool.

1. Open the SkillBuilder template in Photoshop.

2. Follow the Module 7 SkillBuilder video to practice using all three pen tools and the fill option.

3. Name your .psd file as YourLastName_Wk7_skillbuilder.psd.

4. Export your design to a .JPG file.

5. Compress the .psd and .jpg files into a single .zip file. For assistance zipping and unzipping files, review the “ How to Compress Files and Save as .Zip (Links to an external site.) ” document.

6. Submit the .zip.

SkillBuilder template file:


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