Management Chapter 2 Quiz

Management Chapter 2  Quiz 

1.       Why use theories?

2.       Why Study History?

3.       British industrialist who recognized the importance of human resources and

4.       implemented better working conditions through reduced child labor, meals, and shorter hours?


5.       English mathematician who focused on creating efficiencies of production through the division of labor, management and labor cooperation, and application of mathematics to management  ?

6.       problems.

7.       Wrote "On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures.?


8.       Classical Management Perspective

        Consists of Two Different

9.       Viewpoints: ?

10.   A theory that focuses on managingthe total organization. Born out of Railroads?

11.   Steps in scientific management ?

12.   Reduced the number of movements in bricklaying, resulting in increased output of 200% ?


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