MGT 302 Assignment 2 | Indiana Wesleyan University

MGT 302 Assignment 2 | Indiana Wesleyan University 

Stage 1: Mastery Project Approval


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In the first stage (Mastery Project Approval), you will submit your Mastery Project in the Access the

 Mastery Project submission page link below. Your instructor will review your submission to verify that it includes all required components and is formatted as directed, and meets all minimum criteria on the Pre-Submission Evaluation checklist.  The checklist will be used to identify where it meets or exceeds

 expectations of the project, as well as note any areas that need improvement.

Once your submission has met all criteria of the Pre-Submission Evaluation checklist, you will be

 able to submit it to the second stage. If it does not meet the criteria, it will be returned to you to

 re-work and re-submit.


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