ENGL 212 Week 1 Quiz 1 | Regent university

ENGL 212 Week 1 Quiz 1 | Regent university

·         Question 1

What does the poet Blake mark in the face of every man he meets in London in the poem of that title?

Correct Answer:

·         Question 2

Which is not one of the topics the Norton Anthology Topics Online essay associates with the British romantics.

a repudiatio

·         Question 3

The end of Wordsworth's great ode "Intimations of Immorality" suggests that despite the losses we all experience through time, we can find strength in primal sympathy, soothing thoughts learned from suffering, faith, and ...

·         Question 4

In the context of the whole poem, what best describes the sense of the line,

"We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, For auld lang syne!"

·         Question 5

Robert Burns song "A Red, Red Rose" suggests in its metaphors that the lover may very well be going...

·         Question 6

The narrator tells the reader that it was five years before when he had last visited the ruins of Tintern Abbey in Wales.

·         Question 7

In the Burns poem, the louse is on some poor housewife's flannel tie.

·         Question 8

In "The Tyger," the poet wonders if it is possible that the creator of the lamb also made the tiger.

·         Question 9

According to Wordsworth's sonnet, who whould be living again to restore England to "manners, virtue, freedom, power."

·         Question 10

According to Wordsworth in his "Preface to Lyrical Ballads," poetry must employ elevated language not typical of common speech.


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