ENGL 212 Week 1 Quiz 2 | Regent university

ENGL 212 Week 1 Quiz 2 | Regent university

·         Question 1

The work that brought Byron initial fame in 1812 and introduced the "Byronic Hero" was Don Juan.

·         Question 2


In "Ode to the West Wind," Shelley evokes the wind to scatter his dark thoughts and also to...

·         Question 3

In the "Eve of St. Agnes," Madeline is dreaming of whom when Porphyro awakens her?

·         Question 4

One of the heartaches of Coleridge's personal life came in 1799 when he fell in love with Wordsworth's wife, Mary Hutchinson.

·         Question 5

What says, "Beauty is Truth, truth Beauty"?

·         Question 6

Which poem is narrated to a wedding guest?

·         Question 7

The following lines from Byron's Don Juan help explain...

Wedded she was some years, and to a man

Of fifty, and such husbands are in plenty;

And yet, I think, instead of such a ONE

'T were better to have TWO of five-and twenty

·         Question 8

The Ancient Mariner is cursed for...

·         Question 9

Keats initial apprenticeship before dedicating himself to poetry was as a surgeon.

·         Question 10

Percy Shelley eloped with Mary and Claire Godwin while his first wife Harriet Westbrook was pregnant with their second child.



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