LAS 432 Week 7 Discussion | Devry University

LAS 432 Week 7 Discussion | Devry University

Week 7: The Big Picture - Making Strategic Recommendations

The readings this week discussed a number of prominent technological changes occurring in the workplace and analyzed their effect on the economy, society, and culture. Information technology's ability to provide computing, data, and automation at a low cost has transformed the economy, leading to organizational changes, increased efficiency, and new careers (Quinn, 2020). In addition, these changes have also fostered a shift toward globalization, which has influenced economies across the globe. Developing nations have seen an increase in jobs, their gross domestic product (GDP), and a rise in their standard of living (Quinn, 2020). Importantly, new technologies also produce outcomes that are not always beneficial. Increased access to information has led to the development of the Gig Economy, resulting in short-term, contract positions that lack stability and additional benefits (Quinn, 2020). As emerging leaders, you have to make decisions about technologies to analyze their benefits and disadvantages to make informed, ethical choices.

For your assignment this week, you are tasked with making recommendations about your chosen technology. You are moving past the analytical portion of this course and should be synthesizing the information you have developed from the previous weeks to make recommendations for your technology based on your selected ethical lens.

To help foster your thought process, consider the following questions.

·         What information collected during your research is important to review to ensure you are developing ethical recommendations?

·         What groups or populations are affected by your technology? Are there any marginalized populations influenced by your technology? How does this information influence your recommendations?

·         How do your decisions align with your ethical viewpoint?


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