MGMT 303 Week 4 Discussion | Devry University

MGMT 303 Week 4 Discussion | Devry University

Week 4 Discussion: Human Resources and Change Management

Welcome to this week’s Discussions.

Using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser, complete one of the two self-assessments.

In order to earn full credit, you are responsible for three posts. By Wednesday, you should respond to one of the self-assessment topics. The second two posts (4-5 sentences each) are responses to your colleagues' original posts.

Self-Assessment Topic 1: Is a Career in HR Right for You?

1.    Are you suited for a career in human resources? Which specific aspect of human resources do you prefer?

2.    Look at the top two areas of HR for which you tested as being best suited. Look over the descriptions of these fields and then identify what skills you need to have to be successful.

3.    Even if you do not pursue a career in HR, which skills do you feel you should continue to develop? Explain.

Self-Assessment Topic 2: Assessing Your Resistance to Change

1.    Are you more or less willing to accept change? Discuss.

2.    Based on your scores, identify three things you can do to lower your resistance to change. These changes may involve new thoughts or beliefs or the display of new behaviors.

3.    What might you say during an interview to demonstrate that you possess the career readiness competency of openness to change?


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