Creating a learning environment

Creating a learning environment

Continuous learning


·         Which of the following requires employees to understand the entire work system and expects them to acquire new skills to be applied on the job?


Creating a learning environment


·         Which of the following stages in the training design process involves identifying training outcomes as well as administering and coordinating programs?


Improving customer service


·         Which of the following strategic initiatives ensures that employees understand their roles and decision-making authority?


Awareness of training needs


·         Which of the following factors relates to knowledge of skill strengths and weaknesses?


Webcasting involves instructions provided online through live broadcasts.


·         Which of the following is true about presentation methods used in training?




·         Which of the following components is used in a typical behavior modeling session?


Trainees can answer questions and choose responses in standalone CBT.


·         Which of the following is true of e-learning and computer-based training (CBT)?


directly translating an instructor-led, face-to-face training program online.


·         Repurposing refers to:


action learning


·         In _____, teams or work groups get an actual business problem, work on solving it and commit to an action plan, and are accountable for carrying out the plan.


Blended learning can be an effective training method for geographically dispersed trainees.


·         Which of the following is true of the learning outcomes of different training methods?




·         Safety rules and electrical principles are measured using _____ outcomes.




·         _____ outcomes can be used to evaluate satisfaction with training.


subtracting training costs from benefits.


·         While determining the return on investment of a training process, the company's total savings is calculated by:


employee support


·         Celebrating cultural traditions and festivals is a part of the _____ component in an effective diversity program.


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