Supervisors will likely be most appreciated by employees

Supervisors will likely be most appreciated by employees

Which of the following is true of voluntary turnover?


·         it involves employees an organization would like to retain


Trey is a high-performing employee. Alex, his supervisor, is biased against Trey. After repeated mistreatment, he fires Trey. As an African American, Trey can charge a wrongful discharge suit filed as a _____.


·         civil rights infringement


An individual is likely to file a retaliation suit against his previous organization if his supervisor


·         engaged in undesirable treatment short of terminating him


Carmen, a manager who fails to meet her responsibilities, asks one of her subordinates, Zeke, to cover up for her. Zeke, an efficient employee, refuses to do something that is unethical. As a result, Carmen fires Zeke. Which of the following suits can Zeke file against the company due to the nature of his termination?


·         violation of public policy suit


Outcome fairness is judged based on _____.


·         results relative to those of others


Correctability is the determinant that requires procedures to be


·         setup with built-in safeguards to allow appeals for mistakes or bad decisions


Louis, an employee at Yoko Inc., had been notified of his termination from the company without sufficient justification. During the termination process, Louis's manager took into consideration his dignity, concerns, and feelings. Which of the following determinants of interactional justice did Louis not receive from his manager?


·         explanation


An employee is given a formal written warning for an offense he has committed. Despite this, he proceeds to commit another offense. Which of the following is the most likely organizational response if the organization has adopted a progressive discipline program?


·         threat of temporary suspension


In an alternative dispute resolution program (ADR), the concerned employee and supervisor have finished the peer review stage and have not reached a settlement. Which of the following is most likely the next stage in the ADR process?


·         a neutral third party from outside the organization will hear the case via a nonbinding process



Which of the following programs is dependent on the right balance between collecting information regarding employees' health and their right to privacy?


·         employee assistance programs



Individuals who have _____ report higher levels of aversive mood states, including anger, contempt, disgust, guilt, fear, and nervousness across all contexts.


·         high negative affectivity


_____ training gives job incumbents the ability to better predict, understand, and control events occurring on the job, which in turn increases their ability to make their own decisions.


·         skills


Which of the following is a good candidate for job enrichment?


·         packing cans of sardines


Which of the following supervisors will likely be most appreciated by employees?


·         Kendrick, who is an expert in the industry


Which of the following facets of satisfaction is measured by the Job Descriptive Index (JDI)?


·         promotions


Every Friday the employees at Lakeside Industries receive a question on their smartphones, seeking input on a key issue in the workplace. Which of the following describes this process?


·         pulse survey


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