rue of business games

True of business games

___ is an example of context-based learning created and guided by companies


·         simulation


which of the following is a presentation method of training


·         lecture


lecture as a presentation method


·         can be easily employed with large group of trainees


which of the following requires least participation from trainees


·         audiovisual instruction


which of the following statements is true of learning through video


·         trainees have access to videos even after a training session


which of the following statements is true of on-the-job training (OJT)


·         skills learned in OJT are easily transferred to the job


which of the following method allows employees to take responsibility for all aspects of learning, including when it is conducted and who will be involved in it


·         self-directed learning


development of effective self-directed learning typically begins with


·         conducting a job analysis to identify the tasks that must be covered


which of the following training methods involve assisting a certified tradesperson at the work site


·         apprenticeships


which of the following statements is true of the simulation training method


·         simulators need to have elements identical to those found in the work environment


a case study


·         is a description about how employees or an organization dealt with a difficult situation


which of the following statements is true of business games


·         in business games, several alternative courses of action are available to trainees


___ is based on the principles of social learning theory


·         behavior modeling


 vicarious reinforcement is most relevant to

·         behavior modeling


which of the following statements is true of key behaviors in behavior modelling


·         the development of general key behaviors promotes far transfer of training


key behavior practice sessions are most effective when they allow trainees to practice behaviours


·         multiple times


which of the following is the first stage of an experiential learning training program


·         gain conceptual knowledge and theory


____ refers to the training that a team manager or facilitator receives and involves training them on ways to resolve conflict within the team


·         team leader training


_____ best prepares team members to step in and take the place of a member who may temporarily or permanently leave the team


·         cross training


____ is a group building method that may include customers and vendors, and addresses problems such as how to change the business and develop global leaders


·         action learning


six sigma and kaizen, black belt training programs, involve principles of


·         action learning


which of the following training methods is best suited for attitude learning outcomes


·         role play


the first and the most important step in choosing a training method is to identify the


·         type of learning outcome the training should influence


which of the following statements with regard to comparison of training methods is true


·         there is considerable overlap between learning outcomes across the training methods


if companies have a limited budget for developing new training methods, the most appropriate hands-on training method will be


·         on-the-job training



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