BUS 150 Week 4 Discussion | Indiana Wesleyan University

BUS 150 Week 4 Discussion | Indiana Wesleyan University 

4.2 Auto Purchase Decisions


1.  Respond to the following:

a.  Briefly describe the process you used to decide whether and when to purchase your last automobile. What factors did you consider: style, durability, cost, others?

b.  According to Biblical Financial Planning: A Biblical Worldview of Personal Finance what are the real questions that need to be answered when deciding to purchase a vehicle?

c.  As you have become more financially knowledgeable, and now know several legitimate reasons to purchase an automobile, would you make the same decision about purchasing your past automobile, today? Why or why not?*Remember to validate your reasoning with sources that you can cite.

d.  Use APA Level One Headings (See APA 6e Guide, p. 9) to organize your answers so that it is clear to which question(s) you are replying and to facilitate your classmates’ responses. For your answer to Question 3a, use “My Car Buying in the Past” as your first centered heading. For your answer to Question 3b, use “My Car Buying Now” as your second centered heading.

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