MGMT 591 Week 4 Assignment | Devry University

MGMT 591 Week 4 Assignment | Devry University

Week 4: Organizational Culture Analysis Papers

Research and find any free organizational culture quiz. Some free quiz sites are provided below, but feel free to search and use your own quiz.

·         Culture QuizLinks to an external site.

·         What's Your Organizational Culture? Links to an external site.

Take the quiz and then copy/paste your results into a Word document. 

In a one to two page document, answer the following questions:

1.   Discuss your learning experience impacted by the organizational culture quiz. Please specifically discuss/assess what you see as an ideal culture or a culture that is ideal for rapid change.

2.   Discuss how continuous improvement is impacting healthcare, banking, retail and/or government (choose one area). Merger of Lean and Six Sigma are interesting topics you can explore here.


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