COMM 301 Week 5 Quiz | Los Rios Community College

COMM 301 Week 5 Quiz | Los Rios Community College

Stand Up, Speak Out Chapter 8 Quiz

Question 1

In public speaking, support is used for:  

·         generating a positive relationship between the speaker and his or her listeners.  

·         exposing listeners to every kind of evidence related to the topic.  

·         creating the perception that the speaker is very knowledgeable.   

·         developing the central idea and providing corroborating evidence.


 Question 2

Current and cutting-edge sources are mandatory for all topics.  

·         True  

·         False


Question 3

One way support is used in a speech is to:  

·         clarify the ideas expressed in the speech.  

·         give the audience every piece of current information on the topic.  

·         use an impressive amount of information.  

·         bring the audience’s curiosity to a high level.


Question 4

You can hurt your credibility if:  

·         you use support from questionable sources.  

·         one of the listeners knows more than you do.  

·         there are fine distinctions between ideas.  

·         the information you use is understandable.


Question 5

Authoritative sources of support are sources that:  

·         are able to articulate complicated ideas in simple language.  

·         claim to have disproven the findings of other research.

·         have used statistics from other sources to prove their point. 

·         have earned their credentials by developing skill or expertise


 Question 6

An expert is someone who:  

·         who has been published on the internet or a television show.  

·         is well known to the general public as a vocal commentator.  

·         has achieved recognized qualifications in a particular field 

·         is a celebrity spokesperson who has done a lot of campaigning about a particular social issue.


Question 7

A source is objective when the information is:  

·         argued in an engaging way that is internally logical.   

·         factual, fair, reasonable, and based on sound research.  

·         clearly said, well organized, and urgently important.  

·         important, sincere, and based on strong ethical values.


Question 8

Four criteria used to evaluate source options are:  

·         accuracy, authority, currency, and objectivity.  

·         clarity, detail, logic, and organization of data.  

·         research, publication, statistics, and anonymity.  

·         transparency, honesty, clarity, and importance.


 Question 9

A speaker is credible to an audience when he or she:  

·         addresses urgent audience concerns.    

·         seems knowledgeable and prepared.  

·         redefines all concepts in plain English.  

·         says how much time went into his/her research.



Question 10

Authoritative sources are sources that:  

·         show up repeatedly when an online search is being conducted.  

·         provide statistics, along with an interpretation of their meanings.  

·         supplement the text with good explanatory video materials.    

·         has accumulated considerable accurate knowledge on a topic.

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