Communication CH 3

Communication CH 3

verbal communication


·         digital code that represents messages through the use of symbols


nonverbal communication


·         nonverbal communication is an analog code that represents things through likeness or similarity.





·         a system of words represented by symbols, used for a common purpose by a group of people.


Words are symbols


·         Words are symbols that convey meaning and characterize ideas, people, places, or concepts


symbols could be thought of as representing a triangle of meaning


·         One point on the triangle is the symbol or word. The second point on the triangle refers to the thoughts about this symbol.
The third point on the triangle is the referent, or actual object to which the word refers.



·         actual object to which the word refers.


Symbols Are Arbitrary


·         which means there is no natural likeness between a symbol and what it represents.


Symbols Are Abstract


·         Symbols are abstract in the sense that they represent an object or idea without being physically similar to the object or idea. This is especially true when representing complex ideas.


Symbols Are Intentional


·         Symbols are intentional in their usage because social agreement about the meaning of a word allows it to fulfill its function. Communicators must understand how their words are being interpreted and use them in ways that reflect that shared understanding


Symbols Are Uniquely Human


·         Symbols are the basic building blocks that humans use to create and participate in social reality


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