A cultural group

A cultural group

Culture affects the way people conduct which of the following activities?
i. Practicing important traditions.
ii. Creating political organizations.
iii. Meeting basic needs for survival.


·         i, ii, and iii


When a group of people share values, practices, and beliefs, this is known as __________.


·         culture


One of the norms in the village was to meet at the town square on Fridays for a community dinner and dance.

The underlined word in the sentence above is best defined as a __________.


·         behavioral pattern that is regularly accepted by a group of people


Culture __________ members of a group.


·         unites


A specific area where people share one or more cultural traits is known as a __________.


·         cultural region


According to the map above, which shows religious cultural regions, what is the most commonly practiced religion in the world?


·         Christianity


A small community of people who share beliefs, experiences, customs, traits, and values can best be described as a __________.


·         local culture


Which of the following definitions is the best way to describe local culture?


·         a cultural group that can be defined by a region or location


A cultural group that exists within a dominant culture is best described as a __________.


·         subculture

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