intercultural communication

   intercultural communication

Your textbook offers five caveats to keep in mind when studying intercultural communication. Which of the following were NOT included in that list?
a. keep in mind the uniqueness of each individual
b. keep in mind the benefits of generalizing
c. keep in mind the need to be objective
d. keep in mind the necessity of compromise


·         b. keep in mind the benefits of generalizing


Cultural generalizations should be considered:
a. approximations
c. on an individual basis
d. all of these
e. absolute representations


·         approximations


What percentage of the U.S. population is made up of minorities?
a. 12%
b. 15%
c. 25%
d. 35%
e. 50%


·         d. 35%


What is the preferred term for the group that "generally exercises the greatest influence on beliefs, values, perceptions, communication patterns, and customs of a culture?
a. mainstream culture
b. dominant culture
c. umbrella culture
d. meta culture
e. mega culture


·         b. dominant culture

The state of being just, unbiased, and not influenced by emotions or personal prejudices is also known as:
a. objectivity
b. relativity
c. selflessness
d. adjudicating
e. mindfulness


·         objectivity


A conviction that one's own culture is superior to all other cultures is known as:
a. ethnocentrism
b. emulation
c. integration
d. inclusion


·         ethnocentrism


In the 2010 census, 32% of U.S. citizens self-identified themselves as:
a. of Asian descent
b. in an interracial or interethnic marriage
c. Hispanic
d. multiracial


·         d. multiracial


If a generalization must be made, it should:
a. be supported by a single reputable source
b. focus on the primary values and behaviors of a particular culture
c. be based on historical account
d. based on immediate perceptions
e. be plausible


·         b. focus on the primary values and behaviors of a particular culture


By 2050, world population growth is expected surpass:
a. 5 billion
b. 6 billion
c. 9 billion
d. 15 billion
e. 16 billion


·         c. 9 billion


____ involves interaction between people whose cultural perceptions and symbol systems differ enough to alter communication events
a. intercultural communication
b. internationalization
c. globalization
d. cultural divides
e. Egoism


·         intercultural communication


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