PSYC 335 Week 2 Quiz | Los Rios Community College District Office

  PSYC 335 Week 2 Quiz | Los Rios Community College District Office

Question 1

In psychological research, the results will typically be the most accurate and apply to the largest number of people if the sample used is large and a random sample .

Question 2

What is the main problem with using random sampling in psychological research?  

·         Using random sampling is unethical.  

·         The results may not apply well to the population.  

·         Using random sampling is difficult.  

·         Psychological journal articles will not publish studies that use random samples.

 Question 3

Researchers use random samples because    

·         random samples are always larger than convenience samples.  

·         they are easier to recruit than convenience samples.  

·         they want to draw conclusions about an entire population but it is too difficult to study the entire population.  

·         random samples are required for studies to be considered experiments.


 Question 4

A researcher wants to measure participants' self-esteem and is trying to choose between the Single Item Self-Esteem scale, which has one question and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale, which has ten questions.

·         The researcher should probably chose the Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale because    ["", ""]   . This is an example of the power of    ["", ""]   .

·         the Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale

·         it will give a more accurate measurement of participants' self-esteem

·         aggregation


Question 5

You can find the conceptual definitions of variables in the introductions of psychological journal articles

conceptual definitions

 Question 6

Is each example a conceptual definition, an operational definition, or neither one?

the ability to retain information or a representation of past experience, based on the mental processes of learning or encoding, retention across some interval of time, and retrieval or reactivation of the memory



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