PSY 101 Week 4 Discussion | Wilmington University

PSY 101 Week 4 Discussion | Wilmington University

Week 4 Discussion: Job Search

Psychological concepts can be applied to a number of workplaces and careers. 

Prior to completing this Discussion Board, you are to take the FOCUS assessment.  This will take approximately 35-45 minutes to complete.  Please see the attached document for instructions on how to take this assessment.  The FOCUS assessment will assist you in completing this assignment.  If you need assistance with taking the FOCUS assessment or would like to meet with a Career Counselor to discuss your results, please contact Career Services [email protected]

FOCUS Info Sheet.pdf Download FOCUS Info Sheet.pdf 

Note: If you have already taken the FOCUS assessment, you can use your results for this assignment. No need to retake it.

For this discussion board, you will explore how psychology can be applied to business, health care, education, or other workplace settings. 

·         Choose a psychological concept from the textbook. Two examples are motivation and memory. 

·         Briefly describe this concept. What are the main ideas?

·         Based on your results of the FOCUS assessment, how does this concept apply to your possible future career? For example, does your future career involve group work or problem-solving?  

Respond to at least two peers and add to their response.  You could do this by providing an example of how you have used a specific application in your own career or by describing how the same concept could be applied to a different career. 

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