PSY 101 Week 6 Assignment | Wilmington University

PSY 101 Week 6 Assignment | Wilmington University

Week 6 Real Psych Activity #2


Download the worksheet (psy 101 week 6 real psych Download psy 101 week 6 real psych), complete the questions on the worksheet, then submit the file to Week 6 Real Psych Activity #2.

·         The worksheet will include the full instructions. 

·         You will be required to find two (2) current event news articles about two (2) separate course concepts in two (2) separate chapters from the text. The chapters that can be used for Real Psych associated are Chapters 3-8, 10-15.

·         You will provide a reference for each article in APA format, summarize each of the two articles, and explain how they tie into each of the course concepts of your choice.  

·         Please be sure to follow the directions on the attached worksheet carefully. This assignment is due by 11:59 EST on Sunday of the course week.

Please review the resources below. You will find helpful information for completing this assignment.

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