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    EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz 2 | Assignment Help | Ashford University

    EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz 2 | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

        Question 1

    How can I reach the Office of Student Access and Wellness to request academic accommodation or Student Advocate support?


    o   Email [email protected]

    o   Dial 866-974-5700 Ext. 20050

    o   Ask my Advisor, Instructor, or Enrollment Service Advisor to make a referral on my behalf

    o   All of the above


     Question 2

    What does the Office of Student Access and Wellness do?


    o   Coordinates academic accommodations and related support for students with disabilities

    o   Connects students who need temporary assistance or those managing a personal hardship with Student Advocates!

    o   A and B

    o   Neither A or B


     Question 3

    What kinds of disabilities qualify a student for disability support services and accommodation?


    o   Permanently visually impaired (legally blind, with progressive vision loss, etc.)

    o   Psychological or psychiatric disorders (bipolar, personality disorders, schizophrenia, etc.)

    o   Learning disabilities

    o   All of the above and more


     Question 4

    The Honors College involves students in educational opportunities that promote:


    o   Leadership, innovation and critical thinking

    o   Civic responsibility, creativity and global perspective

    o   Community, leadership, and critical thinking 

    o   Global perspective, leadership, innovation and civic responsibility



     Question 5

    The Honors College curriculum consists of 6 courses for a total of 18 credits.

    o   True

    o   False


     Question 6

    Benefits of being a part of Ashford University’s Honors College include:


    o   Mentorship from an Ashford faculty member

    o   iPad digital device

    o   Student membership in the National Collegiate Honors Council

    o   All of the above


     Question 7

    Which honor’s society recognizes academically outstanding student veterans and military?


    o   CHAMPS

    o   Psychology Club

    o   Student Veterans OrganizationCorrect!

    o   SALUTE Honor Society


    Question 8

    The various student organizations that Ashford University offers are:


    o   Only for honors students

    o   Only for new students

    o   Only for students who are struggling

    o   For everyone



    Question 9

    The CHAMPS mentors consist of:


    o   Ashford faculty

    o   Ashford advisors

    o   Prospective Ashford students

    o   Current Ashford students and alumni



    Question 10

    What is CHAMPS?

    o   A place for students who are struggling

    o   A peer mentoring program designed for student success

    o   A student club at Ashford

    o   Only for Alumni



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