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    EXP 105 Week 5 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University

    EXP 105 Week 5 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

    Question 1

    Development of your soft skills needs to include __________.


    o   encouraging others to be mindful of your Patterns

    o   making decisions independent of others.

    o   being aware of the Patterns of others

    o   analyzing the behaviors of others and making corrections


     Question 2

    Being attentive of one’s audience and mindful of the information that is being conveyed are all a part of __________.


    o   the ability to work collaboratively in a team

    o   a leadership presence

    o   a strong work ethic

    o   effective interpersonal communication



    Question 3

    After developing your personal vision statement, when should you begin developing your career path?


    o   anytime you have committed to a specific career

    o   when you are close to graduation so that you can start your job search

    o   as early as you can, to identify useful information and opportunities

    o   after browsing through different careers that interest you




    Question 4

    When choosing your profession, you should __________.


    o   focus only on careers that have high prestige

    o   ensure that it matches well with your LCI scores

    o   wait until near the end of your college career

    o   choose one that is the same or similar to those of your friends and classmates

    Question 5

    The key theme of this text has been __________.


    o   some Learning Patterns are overall more useful than others

    o   time management is the key to getting through college and getting a good job

    o   from the very first day of college, begin thinking about what you need to do to get a good job

    o   intentional learning is the key to maximizing your success in life



    Question 6

    Ross tends to feel frustrated at work during staff meetings. His supervisor provides an agenda at the start of the meeting and tends to systematically move through the meeting items from beginning to end. Ross feels that some of the topics can be skipped and that they do not always need to complete the agenda in order. Ross is experiencing __________.


    o   Pattern conflict  

    o   Pattern bias

    o   Pattern awareness

    o   Pattern regulation




    Question 7

    After matching your Learning Patterns with a career, it is important to __________.


    o   indicate your interest on your social media accounts

    o   contact your career counselor and let him or her know

    o   e-mail an inquiry to the Human Resources department and wait for a response

    o   demonstrate the skills you have that align with the career



    Question 8

    Erin is preparing for her career search and knows that it is important to be aware of her digital presence. Erin plans to __________.


    o   review her social media accounts to make sure there are no inappropriate posts or photos

    o   search for her name online to see if there is any information that should be deleted

    o   review her voice mail greeting to ensure that it is professional

    o   All of these steps are important in checking your digital presence



    Question 9

    You can interact with others more effectively in professional settings by __________.


    o   avoiding tasks that require your Avoid Patterns

    o   focusing your efforts on tasks that require your Use First Patterns

    o   using your Patterns to enhance your soft skills

    o   using the same Pattern-based strategies you would use in school



    Question 10

    Martin is preparing for a meeting with two coworkers. He has made the effort to gain some insights into their Learning Patterns in order to encourage collaborative teamwork. At the beginning of the meeting, Martin provides a meeting agenda and hard copies of the presentation with space for notes. Martin is supporting high levels of use of __________.

    o   Sequence and Precision

    o   Technical Reasoning and Confluence

    o   Sequence and Confluence

    o   Confluence and Precision



    Question 11

    The Ashford University Student Resource introduced this week is:


    o   Ashford Library

    o   Ashford Clubs

    o   Ashford CHAMPS program  

    o   Ashford Career Center

     Question 12

    Because the online classroom is text heavy, students with high Precision can often be overwhelmed and feel bogged down. Which Learning Pattern(s) can these students use to help them increase efficiency so they don’t overanalyze their tasks?


    o   Sequence and Technical Reasoning

    o   Sequence and Confluence

    o   Technical Reasoning and Confluence

    o   Sequence


     Question 13

    Your final assignment requires _____ paragraphs.

    o   Three

    o   Four

    o   Five

    o   Six



    Question 14

    What was the goal of this course?


    o   Develop a deeper understanding of yourself

    o   Become a more intentional learner

    o   Own your own learning

    o   All of the above



    Question 15

    Students with which Learning Pattern will likely appreciate the structure that Ashford courses provide?


    o   Sequence

    o   Precision

    o   Technical Reasoning

    o   Confluence



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