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    EXP 105 Week 5 Quiz 2 | Assignment Help | Ashford University

    EXP 105 Week 5 Quiz 2 | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

    Question 1

    Pattern awareness is most beneficial in __________.


    o   your academic life

    o   your professional life

    o   your personal life  

    o   all of these areas



    Question 2

    The key theme of this text has been __________.


    o   some Learning Patterns are overall more useful than others

    o   time management is the key to getting through college and getting a good job

    o   from the very first day of college, begin thinking about what you need to do to get a good job

    o   intentional learning is the key to maximizing your success in life



    Question 3

    What resources does Career Services offer?


    o   Major and Career Exploration

    o   Resume reviews

    o   Webinar workshops

    o   Online self-assessment

    o   All of the above




    Question 4

    What types of events are offered by Career Services?


    o   Info Sessions

    o   Career Fairs

    o   Student and Alumni networking events

    o   All of the above



    Question 5

    Why should you build your My Career visual profile?


    o   Our employers search through profiles to pick candidates

    o   To make my profile visually appealing

    o   To add your friends



    Question 6

    A student can upload a resume to be reviewed and approved by a Career Services Specialist.


    o   True

    o   False







    Question 7

    What Career Resources are available to you through My Career?


    o   Career Exploration

    o   Resume Reviews

    o   Military Resources

    o   All of the above



    Question 8

    Career chats provides students with hundreds of videos regarding the career development process.


    o   True  

    o   False



    Question 9

    Which of the following departments at Ashford University has compiled tools and resources to support students in their career development process and job search?


    o   Finance

    o   Student Affairs

    o   Registrar  

    o   Career Services and Alumni Relations






    Question 10

    My Career can be accessed only during business hours.


    o   True

    o   False



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  1. EXP 105 Week 5 Quiz 2 | Assignment Help | Ashford UniversityQuestion 1Pattern awareness is most beneficial in __________. your academic life
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