MGT 380 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University

MGT 380 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

Week 1 - Quiz

Question 1

A meta-analysis of leadership and personality studies found that four of the Big Five dimensions are associated with being an effective leader. Which of the following best captures the order from strongest to weakest effect of the four characteristics?


o   Agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness

o   Extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism/adjustment

o   Agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness, and neuroticism/adjustment

o   Extraversion, conscientiousness, openness, and neuroticism/adjustment



Question 2

Behavioral theories of leadership differentiate two types of leader behavior. The two behaviors are:

o   people-oriented and consideration.

o   initiating structure and agreeableness.

o   task-oriented and initiating structure.

o   task-oriented and people-oriented.


Question 3

Sasha generally assumes that her peers and subordinates are unmotivated to work, and she believes that people need to be controlled, directed, coerced, and micromanaged. Sasha likely has what type of attitude toward her subordinates?


o   Machiavellian

o   Negative affectivity

o   Theory Y

o   Theory X


Question 4

The day before Noah’s the group was scheduled to give a presentation, on which they had worked for months, he felt so much stress that he lashed out at his team members, calling them all names and making accusations about their failure to deliver. This is an example of a failure in which of the following areas of emotional intelligence?


o   Relationship management

o   Self-management

o   Self-awareness

o   Social awareness


Question 5

Uber’s founder and CEO, Travis Kalinick can best be described as:

o   an entrepreneurial leader who had several major business failures before starting Uber.

o   an individual who was chosen to lead Uber because of his previous business successes.

o   a leader who rose up through the ranks at Uber in order to become CEO.

o   an entrepreneurial leader who has always succeeded at his business ventures.


Question 6

When Samantha became manager of a nonprofit preschool, she expected her work to be very fun, and she thought that she would be able to focus her energy on creating a comfortable and an open working environment for employees. Samantha expected her behaviors as a leader to fit which category on the Leadership Grid?

o   Team leader

o   Impoverished leader

o   Middle-of-the-road leader

o   Authority-compliance leader


Question 7

Which of the following captures the meaning of the management strategy described with the acronym ROWE?


o   Remaining Optimistic With Employees

o   Resulting Opportunity Wherever Evitable

o   Real Ownership Wins Employees

o   Results-Oriented Work Environment



Question 8

Kaitlyn's summer interns are tasked with the repetitive and dull task of entering data all summer. Which of the path-goal leadership styles should Kaitlyn emphasize?

o   Achievement-oriented

o   Participative

o   Directive

o   Supportive


Question 9

When compared to non-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs tend to:

o   be more pessimistic about opportunities.

o   show higher levels of power and conformity.

o   show lower levels of individualism.

o   be overly confident.

Question 10

Jenny is in charge of a group of employees who work in a kitchen to prepare meals for elderly individuals. The work is very simple and repetitive, yet the employees consistently report that they love their job, they enjoy working for Jenny, and they appreciate the extra perks and rewards that Jenny is able to distribute. Based on Fiedler’s leadership-situation theory, how is the situation described, and what leadership style would be best?

o   Favorable situation; task-oriented leader

o   Unfavorable situation; people-oriented leader

o   Unfavorable situation; task-oriented leader

o   Favorable situation; people-oriented leader



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