MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University

MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

Week 3 - Quiz


Question 1

Jennifer hails from a military background and values efficiency, routine, and hierarchy based on rank. Jennifer would likely function best in which of the following cultures?

o   Adaptive

o   Bureaucratic

o   Clan

o   Achievement



Question 2

Alan was recently promoted to CEO of an organization. He communicates very well when he needs to control, schedule, correct, and direct daily processes, but his employees consistently report that they are unsure of his vision and strategy. Alan needs training in which of the following areas?

o   Tactical communications

o   Strategic communications

o   Transactional communications

o   Information communications



Question 3

Which of the following statements is NOT recommended regarding utilizing digital tools in the communication process?

o   Develop and sustain a critical mass of social network followers.

o   Become an orchestrator of social media.

o   Be innovative and stay ahead of the curve of social media use.

o   Ignore information posted to social media, and try to avoid using digital tools.



Question 4

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding communication in organizations?


o   Because there are more subordinates than leaders, subordinate miscommunication is more harmful than leader miscommunication.

o   Because people communicate every day, most people tend to be very effective communicators.

o   Leaders tend to reach their positions through good communication skills, so most leaders are very effective communicators.

o   According to a national survey, the ability to communicate is one of the most important skills wanted by employers.


Question 5

Sheila’s workgroup is using a communication the technique that helps create a culture based on self-disclosure and information sharing, encouraging individuals to share information that they think but others do not know. It is most likely that Sheila’s workgroup is using which of the following techniques?


o   The MBTI

o   DISC

o   Johari’s Window

o   The Marshmallow Tower



Question 6

Sara is able to move comfortably between cultures, shifting her own behavior to fit the local norms and expectations. Which of the following best describes Sara?

o   The physical component of cultural intelligence

o   The physical component of emotional intelligence

o   The cognitive component of cultural sensitivity

o   The cognitive component of cultural intelligence



Question 7

When Jamie confronts others, she tends to unintentionally smile. This smile often causes others to misinterpret her message. Which source of miscommunication is this an example of?

o   Channel

o   Nonverbal cues

o   Decoding

o   Selective perception



Question 8

Because accounting and finance organizations are operating within a mature market, these organizations typically have which type of culture?

o   Clan

o   Adaptive

o   Bureaucratic

o   Achievement



Question 9

In persuading her employees to adopt a new management process, Johanna frequently talks about the impact that the process will have on customers, telling stories that elicit follower feelings of caring and empathy. Johanna is focusing on which stage of the persuasion process?


o   Establishing credibility

o   Building goals from a common frame

o   Presenting a compelling vision

o   Connecting emotionally



 Question 10

Which of the following is NOT a communication recommendation for someone whose introversion makes communication difficult?

o   Develop awareness and a plan to deal with the apprehension.

o   Practice techniques like relaxation and deep breathing.

o   Ask for support from people and friends.

o   Behaviors associated with introversion will be impossible to overcome.


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