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    GOE 180 Biomes Worksheet

    Biomes Worksheet

    Physical Geography

    GOE/180 v4

    Biomes Investigation

    What factors might control the Biomes in this location?


    This three-dimensional perspective shows an area with a variety of terrains and climates. Review the table below and include your observations about each topic as it appears in the landscape in this picture. (Note: This picture can also be found in Chapter 18: Biomes in the “INVESTIGATION: What Factors Might Control the Biomes in This Location” section.) 


    Complete the table in no more than 1050 words:



    Rock types


    Soil types


    Slope stability


    Weathering and erosion


    Local climate


    Types of vegetation


    Natural space versus developed space


    Patterns of local atmospheric circulation, including prevailing wind direction and precipitation patterns


    Flora and fauna on the land and in the freshwater biome, including birds


    Water supplies from the streams and lakes


    Microclimates associated with the topography, shoreline, and city


    Large-scale patterns of atmospheric circulation


    Possible seasonality


    Impact on solar incidence and storage of solar-derived energy


    Coastal environment, which features a current flowing parallel to the coast


    Vertical currents in the ocean and their effect on the marine ecosystems


    Plants and creatures in the upper part of the ocean and near the seafloor




    Summarize in no more than 175 words the types of processes that affect coasts and an idealized beach profile.

    Discuss in no more than 175 words how humans have altered the physical geography in the picture from the beginning of the worksheet. What effects could this have on the existing biome and its characteristics?


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