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    Questionnaire Analysis of Derby Zoo

    Please review the following link in regards to creating a 60 second TV commercial at
    Please download the document in the website reading to develop all of the information required for the 60 second commercial for a product for your local community. Once this activity is complete you will provide a 5 page APA paper based on these 6 topic questions:
    -    Why did you create or select this local product?
    -    Why is this product important to your community?
    -    What is the demographic of this community (will require Census Data)?
    o   Age
    o   Income
    o   Education
    o   Population
    -    Will any of the Census information impact the success of this product (explain)?
    -    Explain how you fit in the demographic of this community and would it impact you buying this product (explain)?
    -    What did you learn from this exercise (conclusion)?
     5 page APA Paper with 3 outside reference

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  1. A covering note should always be there with the questionnaire. The questions provided in the questio
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