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CARD 205 Week 5 Assignment Help | Devry University 



Over the past few weeks, you have developed many tools to help you in a targeted job search. This week, you will be adding to your portfolio by creating a targeted résumé. A targeted résumé is simply a résumé that is targeted to a specific job. For this assignment, you need to locate a job ad for a position you would be interested in once you graduate. Using the ad, you will then prepare a targeted résumé.

The following resources will be very helpful for this assignment:

·         Résumé Evaluation Checklist  (also available in Course Resources)


Your targeted resume must include the following components.

·         Personal information

o    Including LinkedIn Profile link or information.

·         An introductory section with a target job title and qualification/professional summary that reflects the student's skills and experiences relative to the job description

·         Education history

·         A skill summary that includes both technical and transferable skills

·         Work experience that is summarized by using achievement statements, not task lists  

o    Summarize your work experience in four to five points under each position held, focusing on concrete and measurable accomplishments

·         Once complete, you should copy and paste your résumé to the O*NET-Soc AutoCoder found at the following


·         website: .

·          A guide for this site can be found at the same URL. 

o    This site will verify that your résumé is a match to your chosen job ad. You will need to provide a screenshot of a score of 70% or higher, saved as either a Word or PDF file to verify that you completed this step. If you do not receive a 70% rating or higher on your first submission, please revise it until you do.

o    In a 1-2 paragraph reflection, respond to the following questions regarding the O-Net-Soc results: What were the results of the resume search? Was the score lower than 70%? Why do you think you received the score that you did?


o    What parts of your resume would you adjust so that the score would be higher in the future? Why do you think this matters for your upcoming job search?

·         Submit your targeted résumé, the O*NET-Soc Auto Coder screenshot, and a copy of the job ad.

Your résumé should have appropriate headings and design elements (e.g., white space, bold, underline, italics, varying font sizes***) to improve readability. You should also make efforts to limit the résumé to one to two pages. The résumé must also be targeted to the job ad and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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