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    BUS 303 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University

    BUS 303 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

    Question 1

    ______________ refers to identifying the elements of a job and arranging its tasks and responsibilities for the purpose of creating a productive work unit.


    ·        Job administration

    ·        Job design

    ·        Job evaluation

    ·        Job analysis



    Question 2


    ______ refers to HRM attempts to identify future tasks that the organization will need to be perform and match with the skill sets of the currently available employees, so that the organization can fulfill strategic plans and future objectives.


    ·        Gap analysis

    ·        Internal analysis and forecasting

    ·        Environmental scanning

    ·        Labor market analysis and forecasting


    Question 3

    The Affordable Care Act ______________.



    ·        Requires employers to provide employees with healthcare benefits

    ·        Penalizes employers that do not provide employees with healthcare benefits

    ·        Correct Answer

    ·        Penalizes employers that do not provide employees with affordable healthcare benefits

    ·        Penalizes employees who do not take advantage of their employers’ healthcare benefits





    Question 4

    All the following can be a reason for employees to join unions EXCEPT ____________.


    ·        An employee’s personal need to make a difference in the work environment

    ·        Employee dissatisfaction and discomfort with existing work environment

    ·        Unions’ prospective advantages

    ·        A greater chance of joining an organization’s board of directors.



    Question 5

    Which of the following would NOT necessitate job redesign?


    ·        Mergers and acquisitions

    ·        Enhancing the motivational potential of a job

    ·        Business growth

    ·        High unemployment rates




    Question 6

    ______ is the broadening of the types of tasks and responsibilities performed on the job, with the purpose of creating interesting and less monotonous jobs.


    ·        Job enrichment

    ·        Job enlargement

    ·        Job rotation

    ·        Task significance




    Question 7


    ______ is a financial measure that evaluates the efficiency of an investment.


    ·        Benchmarking

    ·        Return on investment

    ·        HR audit

    ·        Economic value added





    Question 8

    ______________ refers to the degree to which an organization is able to maximize the productivity of given resources, produce a given amount of output with minimal resources, or accomplish both.


            Organizational efficiency

            Organizational yield

            Organizational management

            Organizational effectiveness



    Question 9

                ______ refers to a test that matches applicants to jobs based on a combination of their top five strengths.


            Personality Traits Finder

            Skills finder

            Talents finder

            The Gallup Strengths Finder




     Question 10

    Which of the following is NOT one of the recognized HR metrics?


            SWOT analysis

            Economic value added

            Return on investment

            Balanced scorecard





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